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 Ohooo, yehooo... Dumpy-Poh's leg

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MessageSujet: Ohooo, yehooo... Dumpy-Poh's leg   Jeu 20 Mai - 20:19

Hey my friends, Troubadours...
You may realize it is the first time I post in a Northern Islands language (or maybe a barbarian dialect !), that could make you not to want to read it anymore (did you really WANT it ?), all the more because... I confess I could not help finding the translation of "diarrhée" looking for "dialecte"... Well, it means diarrhoea (it could be useful, imagine you travel in those foreign lands and you can not bear traditionnal food ; imagine ! Do not imagine there is no countries for the moment, actually it won't work).
Anyway, do you know a song, or instead a little gnome, called Dumpy-Poh ? Nevermind. The fact is it was firt a short story. I have modified very very very smally small details in the text, okay... but not smaller than Dumpy-Poh ! What's more, he has a wooden leg...
A traditionnal text, and old parchment, that might emphasize Dumpy-Poh's pilgrimage ! (Don't you think I would have translated the story into Govorian language ? Would it be funny in this way ? Hahahaha...)

In a beautiful and peaceful forest, near the Lybbaer hills, lived a tiny gnome called Dumpy-Poh. The little creature wore hat made of canvas, and had a short green beard and also a wooden leg.

Walking all along a little path under the grass blades, he decided to have a break, so he sat on a piece of gravel, breathless. At this moment, a mysterious woman came upon him. When he lifted his eyes to her, he saw a beautiful fairy from the woods, whose hair was long and red; two wings were gently flapping just behind her back. She asked him in a sweet voice what the poor gnome was doing there, so exhausted. "I am looking for my leg" he said. "I have been walking, for years, for decades, without finding it. Because it is very hard to travel with this wooden one, I’m having a rest for a moment.
But why are you so sure you will find your missing leg again? She questioned him. He answered : “A great wizard, an old dwarf in the mountains told me that it will always wait for me until I find it, because I’m looking for it ! That is why I will carry on looking for it.”
The pretty fairy looked very cheerful being told this. She smiled mischievously and afterthought she revealed a secret to the little creature: “I could lead you to a magus who is able to give you back what you want. But please know that he does not demand money.”
Dumpy-Poh was so pleased by this information that he accepted immediately. The fairy picked him up in the air, and they flew in the sunny sky above the dense forest, where they could admire splendid castles and magic hanging valleys.

Once they landed, they came in a gloomy leafy tower, at the foot of an oak. After they had debated a little, the strange magus – dressed with a large linen dress – said to the little gnome that he would give him back his leg, but after he had paid him. “I would like to pay you, but I have nothing for this, save my wretched hat.” apologized Dumpy-Poh. The strange wizard answered : “Don’t worry... Everybody has something to give.” And saying these words, he fashioned a glowing flame in his hand. Then he put his hand into the gnome’s body, that suddenly turned foggy, that is how Dumpy-Poh turned to green cinders, and how the magus was paid.

Today, somewhere in a dark world very far away, maybe a little gnome, with only a hat made of canvas and a short black beard is still walking. Sitting on a rock in the sorrowful land, he decides to have a break, before carrying on walking to look for his life.

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Ohooo, yehooo... Dumpy-Poh's leg
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